This is a blog about my on-going journey in developing a photographic project. It is all about what I am picturing and why, together with some of the work that forms part of the series.

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Saturday, 27 September 2008

More from Ladakh

Hanging rock, Ladakh, August 2008

Spires, Ladakh, August 2008

A couple more from Ladakh. I'm trying to use the near detail against the wider background to show the nature of mountain formation.

Friday, 26 September 2008

The birth and death of mountains

Rock fall, Ladakh, August 2008

Things have been quiet on this series for a while as I've been doing a lot of street photography over the summer. My trip to Ladakh afforded me the opportunity to get amongst some of the biggest processes of all: the birth and death of mountains.

The entire Himalaya show the signs of the continental forces that threw them up and the on-going erosion and explosion by the action of water: the great river valleys and huge rockfalls. I took a series of shots during the trip that I intend to convey the nature of the processes.

Once again, I have used tighter framing in the images: a sense of scale is impossible to convey, and can detract from the core message of this series. By using framing that has the subject fill more of the frame I think it is more in keeping with my other work in this series. I also feel that a greater sense of nature at work is conveyed by such an approach.