This is a blog about my on-going journey in developing a photographic project. It is all about what I am picturing and why, together with some of the work that forms part of the series.

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Saturday, 27 June 2009

Life old and new on the forest floor

New life from old

Leaves gathered

Feather and leaf
All from Hudswell Wood, Yorkshie, June 2009

Forest floors are such a rich source of photographic material that I was exhausted after a couple of hours on that afternoon.

Friday, 26 June 2009

Watery thoughts

Water surfaces, Swaledale, June 2009

Why should it be that water fascinates me so much, photographically? Is it the variety or he fleeting nature of the image or a studied interest in details. Maybe it is all of these things. It is very hard for me to understand my own motivations sometimes. Not quite a compulsion but a sense that it is just the right thing for me to be doing.

More water

Colours of water 2-4, Grinton Moor, Yorkshire, June 2009

More of the "Colours of water", this time numbers 2-4 presented as a single triptych. I quite like this presentation showing off the subtle variations.


Colours of water 1, Grinton Moor, Yorkshire, June 2009

Dark water, Grinton Moor, Yorkshire, June 2009

I have quite a fascination with the patterns a colours at the surface of water: reflections, refraction, the effect of flow, sky-light, colour from dissolved material, effect of wind etc.

These two are from a recent trip to Swaledale, the first is a fully intended shot, the second a rather chance affair caused by a gross under exposure. Both create really nice prints, although "Dark Water2 s very tricky to get right.