This is a blog about my on-going journey in developing a photographic project. It is all about what I am picturing and why, together with some of the work that forms part of the series.

For a background to this project read my introduction post.

Please join me on the journey and engage in the discussion.

Sunday, 12 October 2008


Rock face, Ladakh, August 2008

Layers of rock, once horizontal deep under water; since thrust upwards as mountains. Now wind and water are slowly claiming them back.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

More from Ladakh

Hanging rock, Ladakh, August 2008

Spires, Ladakh, August 2008

A couple more from Ladakh. I'm trying to use the near detail against the wider background to show the nature of mountain formation.

Friday, 26 September 2008

The birth and death of mountains

Rock fall, Ladakh, August 2008

Things have been quiet on this series for a while as I've been doing a lot of street photography over the summer. My trip to Ladakh afforded me the opportunity to get amongst some of the biggest processes of all: the birth and death of mountains.

The entire Himalaya show the signs of the continental forces that threw them up and the on-going erosion and explosion by the action of water: the great river valleys and huge rockfalls. I took a series of shots during the trip that I intend to convey the nature of the processes.

Once again, I have used tighter framing in the images: a sense of scale is impossible to convey, and can detract from the core message of this series. By using framing that has the subject fill more of the frame I think it is more in keeping with my other work in this series. I also feel that a greater sense of nature at work is conveyed by such an approach.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Decay and new life

Leaves among rocks, Cumbria, April 2008

Stump and bush, Cumbria, April 2008

A couple more images from this year's trip to Cumbria. These were from the same section of walk as previous entries here and here. A very productive hour of walking through the forest. So may subjects in such a small space but I knew that in advance, having been there several times.
The forest is in a constant cycle of birth, life and decay which is what keeps it healthy.

Limited work on this series recently due to work commitments but I think there will be plenty of opportunity on my forthcoming vacation.

Monday, 21 July 2008

Finding the wind

Wind in the trees, Kristiansund, June 2008

A couple of posts ago I talked about capturing the wind. On a recent trip to Norway I spent some time working on such an image. How I created it can be found on my main blog.

While this is fairly successful and certainly points me in the right direction, the question is what am I trying to show and how does that fit with the project? As I am trying to show the ways in which natural processes shape the world around us, a shot like this doesn't necessarily fit too well, even though the wind is an important component.

This points me to what is a major step in working method. I will work on capturing all the natural process shots I can, make the images and determine thereafter which fit together into the whole. Thus I'll apply as little pre-filtering in subject choice and see where it takes me.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

In the forest

Rotting logRotting log, Cumbria, April 2008

This is one of a series of images I made from a forest walk in Cumbria. Everywhere in forests there are signs of Nature renewing itself. Old growth dies and rots, to be taken over by new forms of life. It is another recurring theme: the process of death and decay leading to new life and growth. Nothing wasted or destroyed, instead an endless recycle.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Nature everywhere

Mossy crevice, Oslo, May 2008

The processes of nature continue everywhere.

In a dark part of the woods, along a little-used trail the proverbial tree has fallen where no one was around to hear it. The rolling stone has stopped and moss gathers in a dark, damp crevice.

Nature is most often in the places we do not often look.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

How to capture the wind

Uprooted treeUprooted, Cumbria, April 2008

The wind is an important part of the natural process. It probably has the power to be one of the most destructive forces. We feel its effect every time we step outside. We see the results of its work in erosion, fallen trees or great waves. And yet there is no direct way to capture it in a photograph.

I want to capture more than just the aftermath, although that will be part of it. I shall have to find ways to introduce the concept of motion into images. Swaying trees are fine, but what about sand blowing across a beach? How to differentiate between a gentle breeze and a howling gale? These are technical and artistic challenges. Getting a technique right will open all manner of artistic possibilities in capturing motion.

I want to show both time elements in the process of the wind, the short term storm effect and the longer term patient erosion. And in there must surely be more than destruction for wind moves the clouds that bring the water and the fresh oxygen that bring life. All concepts that are hard to show in a static image.

I can but try. This will likely take time.

Monday, 2 June 2008


Tanglewood, Oslo, May 2008

One of the few images I got from my recent trip to Oslo.

Fallen branches, rotting wood, the long-term action of air and water. All recurring themes in my photography that will probably form an important part of the project.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Introduction to the project

So what is the project all about?

Firstly it is entitled “Processes of Nature” – a pretty broad concept which gives me some latitude. The idea came to me when I was asked to articulate what I was trying to capture in my landscape images. I realised that, in the broadest sense, this was it.

That was the beginning.

As I think more about this, and now I’ve formulated it as an on-going project, I am forming more concrete thoughts on the matter.

As an Engineer, I see the laws of physics all around me. Physical and chemical processes coming together to shape the World. It is engrained in me, part of who I am. Trying to understand how these processes come together in the natural world is part of the wonder for me.

And so to the project. It is about capturing images that display those processes at work and their results. It is about a world full of change, erosion and growth; life, death and rebirth. At the moment it is only a collection of thoughts, ideas and potential images. Over time I will be trying to bring some cohesion, develop themes and generally produce a series that works together.

This really is a journey for me; hopefully some of you will have enough interest to come along, too.

Introduction to the blog

The idea behind this blog is to document my journey in developing a photographic project, more of which later. It is all about the image I create under the theme and reasons why I am taking these pictures.

This is (without trying to be too pompous) about the artistic journey. What I am picturing and why. If you want thoughts on technical stuff, go elsewhere (my main blog for example). Entries will likely be longer than I normally post as I develop particular themes and lines of thought.

Posting here will be rather intermittent. I’ll post when I have new thoughts or when I feel I’ve some new images. Any images here will be a selection of the ones I am considering for inclusion. Thus, they may be final selections, or not. There may well be final selections that never make it here.